Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft Pi?

It’s a fork (modification) of an old version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (Alpha v0.6.1), ported to the Raspberry Pi.

Can I play it?

MCPI-Reborn, a core project, officially supports at least Debian/Raspbian Buster or Ubuntu 20.04. While it may work on other operating systems, it is not officially supported.

How do I get it?

Option A: Pi-Apps (Raspberry Pi Only)


Option B: Manual Installation

View Manual Installation

What extra features does MCPI have?

Minecraft: Pi Edition comes with a built-in scripting API, with clients in multiple languages: Python (mcpi, Picraft), JavaScript, Java and many more.

Minecraft: Pi Edition is related to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, because the first is a “modified” and ported version of the second one, but they are not the same. For example, MCPI by default doesn’t have the Survival mode enabled.

And what is this?

This is the main webpage of MCPI Revival, a community dedicated to Minecraft Pi modding. If you are interested, come join us! In Discord,Reddit and maybe follow us on Twitter. We also appreciate contributions and feedback on our projects in GitHub!

Where can I find FAQ on other projects?

Mostly on their pages on github. But some are here!