Early 2021 Status Update

A lot has happened since the MCPI-Revival project was founded in mid-2020. This project was founded to revive an abandoned version of Minecraft, and now our efforts are starting to bear fruit. Here is a status update on our current and upcoming projects!

A contest was held (from 2021-1-15 01:00 UTC to 2021-1-17 01:00 UTC) to pick a new logo for the MCPI-Revival project. Ultimately, Option #2 emerged victorious!

New Logo

One of the runnerups, Option #4, was chosen to become the new logo for MCPIL as well.

New MCPIL Logo

MCPI-Reborn (Or minecraft-pi-reborn)


MCPI-Reborn is a collection of mods for Minecraft: Pi Edition. It includes things like a Survival Mode mod, a smooth lighting mod, an animated water mod, and more! It also includes a mod to replace the RPI-specific graphics code with general-purpose graphics code so that MCPI-Reborn can be run in QEMU user-mode. It uses Docker to containerize the environment and uses Debian packages for distribution.

MCPI-Reborn also includes a mod that can convert MCPI into a dedicated server.

It used to be called MCPI-Docker (or minecraft-pi-docker) but was renamed when its main focus became modding.



MCPIL is a launcher for Minecraft: Pi Edition. Its purpose is to put all MCPI related services and mods all in one place. It has now been rewritten to integrate with MCPI-Reborn. This has made MCPIL much more stable and allows it to run on non-ARM devices.

It also has integration with the multiplayer proxy just like the original. However, it currently lacks support for MCPI-Central and a few other features from the original.

Website News

The entire website now uses a custom Jekyll theme and has been migrated to Markdown! This makes the theming much more consistent and will make it easier for us to add more pages (like this one).